Our Scope

Our unique positioning enables us to operate in 4 key areas for Marketing and CRM:

Make the right strategic decisions, design your « Marketing and CRM roadmap » and ensure quick and effective implementation

Customer knowledge

Customer behavior analytics (online and offline matchings, predictive models, ...)
Expectation / preference analytics (customer segmentation, typologies and scoring, ...)
Assessment of customer value (Customer Lifetime Value)
Omnichannel customer patch structuration

CRM strategy

Data and digital transformation plan and roadmap
Loyalty program design and redesign
CRM IT architecture construction & tool selection (DMP, Marketing automation, B.I. ...)
Evaluation and optimization of CRM actions’ impact

Margin management

Pricing strategy (price recommendation models)
Promotional strategy (sensitivity to promotion models)

Resources allocation

Strategic allocation of marketing budgets optimization

Strategic positioning / branding & product marketing

New services / product development
Store assortments differentiation
Product & brand repositioning

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Uncover all growth pockets thanks to data

Targeting optimization

Predictive algorithms to action/contact reactivity
Customer "soft signals" identification

Content optimization

1 to 1 recommendations proprietary algorithms

Media plan optimization

Marketing Mix Modeling : modeling the effect of maketing investments to guide and optimize them

Client orientated management

Clients performance scorecards
Strategic or operational marketing reports

Ad hoc analysis

Marketing & CRM action reports
Focus on specific behaviors / populations...

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Transform client experience through a more personalized and efficient omnichannel strategy

Datamart client / DMP

Data collection approach
Data cleaning and client deduplication
Data enrichment
Implementation and adaptive management

Clients/Prospects calendar action plans

Segmented calendar action plans
Personalized triggers
Performance evaluation and A/B testing

Omnichannel customer experience

Clienteling tool engineering and deployment
Development of E-services
Recasting of customer journeys
Formalization of shop-to-web and web-to-shop experiences
Customization of customer experience

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Conceive and implement real-time marketing algorithm uses on all types of data

Data collection

Web navigation
Social networks
CRM interactions
Call center...

Machine Learning predictive algorithms

Personalized recommendations
Lifetime value

Strategic and operational customer segmentations

Database automated qualification (batches)
Real time access to web service

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