Case studies

Marketing & CRM strategy

Define your 360° CRM Roadmap : clarify your 3Y CRM vision and identify the successive steps and milestones to reach it

Based on an in-depth analysis of all CRM aspects* (marketing, retail operations, IT, data science, organization,...), we design your CRM development Roadmap

*Proprietary ClaraVista framework

Turn your loyalty program into an impactful and profitable tool

Based on a thorough understanding of client behaviors, we combine 7 different loyalty drivers* to improve your loyalty program, making it more relevant and more profitable

Integrate social networks in your CRM strategy

Social networks are complex and constantly evolving. We help our clients to find the best way to leverage these new tools both as a new data source and as a contact channel

Structure your technical architecture and CRM tools to increase performance (marketing, sales, cost)

With a clear picture of your marketing priorities, we support you at every step of your CRM IT project (architecture, data models, datamart, tools selection and integration, impact on organizational processes,…)

Design the strategic and / or operational customer segmentation

Using the most advanced data science techniques, we define the appropriate client segmentation which will answer your specific marketing needs

Exploit innovative digital relationship channels to enrich your customer relationship

At the forefront of the latest digital innovations, ClaraVista supports you in defining your communication strategy on new digital channels (such as voice assistants) and to implement them. We intervene both on tool development, and on AI required to ensure interaction relevancy.

Data Science Marketing

Uncover priority "growth pockets" in your client database

Within the guidelines of your marketing strategy, our proprietary analytical methodology applied to your client database enables you to identify, quantify and prioritize the different ways to increase your sales through CRM

Develop high quality recommendation algorithms to push the right product to the right customer

While "off the shelf" recommendation models generally deliver poor performances, our algorithms integrate your specific marketing knowledge with cutting edge data science techniques to achieve unparalleled performance. These models apply in various sectors (mass or specialty retail, luxury, film industry, finance, etc.)

Identify « soft signals » from your clients and predict future behavior

Your clients provide a lot of information, most of which is not used. There can be "soft signals" (a call to a call-center, a visit to a specific page from your website or an unusually long visit to your website,...) which may be strong predictors of interest for a specific product, or a high risk to churn. Our proprietary Big Data platform enables the capture and identification of these "soft signals". We can then help you design the appropriate CRM campaigns to capture the potential corresponding value

Customer experience

Optimize your omnichannel (email, print, SMS,…) contact plans by constantly adapting them to your client and prospect behaviors

Starting from growth opportunities derived from your customer data, we design and implement personalized contact plans with the appropriate mix of brand, product and promotional content. These plans include both seasonal campaigns based on your products news, and specific contact sequences triggered by each client’s individual behavior

Create a high performance "welcome program" for your new clients

Because generating the 2nd purchase is often a challenge, we design and implement dynamic omnichannel contact sequences for your new clients, which maximize their repurchasing rates

Improve transformation rate of specific actions (repeat purchases, customer space registrations, etc.)

Through the implementation of personalized and progressive relational sequences, based on customer profile and behavior analyses, we make communication less intrusive and more relevant for customers, thus setting up your actions for success

Setting up omnichannel « marketing permission » to improve ROI actions

« Marketing permission » is a means of sequencing the sale's deed by steps : to engage, predispose to purchase and facilitate the sale

Give unprecedented power to CRM devices by storing and analyzing all customer data available

"Click" behaviors on your website (and emails) are a powerful but complex source of data to improve your customer understanding. We master all the IT and data science techniques to help you leverage this information in a pragmatic way with a quick impact

Improve your in store customer experience with digital tools

Harnessing digital devices to improve your client store experience is a key issue, but how can you make sure that the tools you implement are really used and have an impact on your business? We have strong and successful experience in designing the right solution with a clear added value for your customers, sales teams and your company overall. Our deep understanding of the different aspects of such projects (marketing, retail, IT, data, organization,... ) enables us to deliver results in a shorter period of time and with a guaranteed quality

Machine Learning & AI by Moonfish

Increase the number of media articles viewed by the visitors to a large media website

By capturing in real time all the media articles viewed by the web visitors, and by saving web browsing datas, our algorithms understand the affinity of each one. A web service supplies in real time and several million times per day, an online zone with personalized article recommendations

Improve the omnichannel campaigns’ pertinence and efficacy through ultra-personalization

For a global cosmetic brand, our machine learning platform figures out the affinity of each client for the ranges and products featured. The millions of calculated scores directly supply the campaign management tool, trigger campaigns and enable the marketing team to optimize the targeting

Optimize the impact of display campaigns for one of the main digital media groups

For one of the main digital media groups, our platform calculates in real time each visitor's tastes. This information is used to optimize the targeting and the impact of display campaigns